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buttons for different categories of products#408


Good morning team. I hope I am not wrong but currently advertisements for different product categories are displayed randomly. For example, I can display a crypto minting advertisement, after a faucet platform, then a vacation rental, then a body care product, then other products ….. and so on. In this way, those who want to advertise their product are afraid of “falling into the sea” of the various products and give up. I suggest to clearly insert buttons related to different product categories at the top of the dashboard, so as to be able to view targeted and precise categories. For example button to display minting products, button for faucet, button for hotels / camping, button for airlines, button for banks, button for electronic products, and so on. In this way, perhaps, we can attract more categories of entrepreneurs who are afraid of remaining “invisible” in the sea of ​​matrix schemes, and unlikely forms of investment. I think that in this way, we platform users too, will be more interested in viewing the ads if what we see really interests us. You could also add a button where private users can sell their products that can be delivered by the internet. For example photographers who want to sell their photos. Or musicians their own music. They could deliver the product in a file. This way the HAS platform could attract more traders. I also suggest adding a feedback section dedicated to the products purchased. And with a strong campaign on the various mass media of the world we become the absolute leader in advertising.

a month ago

Sounds really good!

a month ago