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In this post, we will explore proposed changes to the Asimi minting system. A video explaining the changes can be found here

We invite you to have your say on proposed updates by commenting below.

  • The Objective: Refining the Asimi Ad Minting system with the following goals:

• Easing access for minters
• Reduced workload for minters
• Reduced restrictions
• Increased confidence, security and control for minters
• Increased audience and engagement for advertisers
• Decentralisation
• Make Asimi great

NOTE: The information below outlines many considerations for the new minting system and may seem complex on first read, however, in effect it will be very simple for the members to mint and earn Asimi.
(Easier and more powerful than it is today)

. . . . .

  • Minting.

Asimi will still be minted in the same way via 7 second ad views at Hashing Ad Space.
A minter will have a predetermined ad view requirement for the day.
(improvements to the ad system such as new advertising features and product options can be added post minting update)

. . . . .

  • Staking

“staking” will no longer be required to mint.
Instead, minters qualification will be based on how much Asimi they own.
This will be verified via their actual independent wallet balance at the Waves exchange.

With Asimi in their own wallet, members can qualify to watch ads in the Ad Minter and earn their share of minting earnings based on the how much Asimi they have in their personal wallet.

The minter’s Ad view limits are set via the % of Asimi they hold when compared to company-wide verified wallet balances.
Profitability yields determine the base ad view quantity and minimum ad view limit as explained below.

. . . . .

  • Terminology:

Asimi Owner:
“Asimi Staker” is now “Asimi owner” Asimi owners are qualified to watch ads in the ad minter, termed “minters”
Their qualification of ownership is determined via their verified Waves wallet Asimi account balance.

Verified wallet:
The wallet an Asimi owner has submitted to Hashing Ad Space as their “Minting wallet”.

Active minter:
A person that has an active verified wallet and the option to mint should they choose to

Qualified minter:
A minter that has completed the daily minting requirement set for them

. . . . .

  • Minting qualification overview.

We confirm the Asimi owners balance on the waves exchnage and then using a qualification formula assign a maximum ad minting limit for the minter for the day.

The minter must view their entire limit to qualify for earnings. “qualified Yes-no”)
If qualified, minting earnings are determined by their percentage whne compaired with the total Asimi held in the submitted wallets.
There is no hold on the Asimi, and no “return of stake” paid.
Asimi owners can move tokens without restriction.
They can add or remove Asimi from their personal wallet to increase/decrease minting ability.

Understanding all Asimi is held on private wallets
there is no need for the deposit or withdrawal to Hashing Ad Space.
No fees, no necessary “staking term” (other than the whole day if they wish to qualify to mint that day)

To enable minting,
An asimi owner must have a:
Verified wallet balance
Set to “active on” in Hashing Ad Space
Hold more than the minimum Asimi owner requirement
Hold the Asimi in their wallet for the entire duration of the day

. . . . .

  • Asimi ownership minimum limit:
    A minimum ownership of 100 Asimi is required to be included for minting calculation.

Note: A future system adjustment to this min value would be considered in the event Asimi/USD is trading above $1. In that event the minimum value would decrease.

. . . . .

  • Verified wallet.

A new field in profile: “My Minting Wallet”
allows members to verify they own the wallet with a 1 Asimi deposit to HAS. Minters are required to have a “on-off” toggle in their HAS account to enable “on” for the system to include their wallet balance for minting calculations.

. . . . .

  • Minters ad view limit:

Minters ad view limit is set via the amount of Asimi a minter owns in a verified wallet.
The minting limit is assigned based on a % of their total Asimi wallet balance vs company-wide totals.
This % system is also how a minter is paid at the end of day.
The higher the % owned, the more ads can be minted.
There is also a minimum a minter must watch (below)

. . . . .

Minting payments calculations

Minters are paid evenly on the % of Asimi they own.
(Identical to how the current Login Stake works)
Minting payment is personal % verified wallet balance/company-wide qualified total.
A minter is paid on the % they own and has been in their Varified wallet during the 24 hour period.

. . . . .

  • Ad View Minimum

The introduction of a minimum ad view limit.
We determine an average ad view per minter based on past data and our “profitability consideration” level (below)

Each minter will be required to view this determined number.
We expect the minimum ad view to range between 2 and 10 ad views per day with a target of 6. The introduction of this minimum significantly reduces overall ad view limits for the entire minting community while also increases ad view delivery.

Estimated daily ad view delivery is determined via a number of “Active Minters” x Profitability Consideration level.

10,000 minters x 6 “profitability consideration” = 60000 Ad Views
(Actual ad delivery may fluctuate is calculated by total ads viewed at end of day)

. . . . .

  • Profitability consideration:

A system-wide ad view variation is set based on minting profitability yields averaged over the past 30 days.

The profitability consideration sets the minimum ad views.

As profitability increases or decreases, the difficulty increases or decreases accordingly via adjusting the ad views.

This is adjusted based on set % profit levels.
9 levels from 2 - 10 ad views set as the minimum ad views for any Minter, and adjusted accordingly for all minters above the minimum.

The amounts range between:
2 ad views represent anything below 0.0824% (30% PA)
10 represents anything above 1% (365% PA)

This allows ad views (work) to increase as profits do, and ad views to decrease with lower profits.

. . . . .

  • Ad view limits for higher Asimi owners.

The profitability consideration sets the bases for minting calculations for ad view limits for all minters. While some minters with lower amounts of Asimi will watch the minimum ads set by the profitability consideration of 2-10,
Minters that own larger amounts of Asimi will have a minting limit proportionate to the amount fo Asimi they own when compared to the total amount of Asimi qualified in the system x the profitbilty consideration. This ad view limit is variable and displayed in the member’s profile.
Overall, this new calculation significantly reduces the number of ads to be watched. We anticipate the top minters will have a limit of approximately 50 ads to view for the day, and most minters at 10-15 ads per day.

. . . . .

  • Direct payments.

Minting earnings are paid daily directly to the Verified minting wallet of the minter.
This automated system is paid directly to waves wallets processed by our system (no withdrawal needed)

. . . . .

  • Daily raffle prize.

A daily raffle prize is included for all active minters.
Every active minter has an entry. Prize details TBD

. . . . .

  • Commissions schedule

Commissions remain the same
10% commission is paid to the referring affiliate of the minter.
It is based as 10% of the total minting earnings of the minter.
Currently 1743.8 per day.

. . . . .

Minting schedule

Minting schedule remains the same, 17,438 halving every 4 years from the 7th of Nov 2018

. . . . .

  • Visual:

A new minting profile page will allow members to view their connected Verified Wallet, most recent balance reading, today’s minting qualification requirement (ad view limit set for the minter) total company-wide qualified wallets balance, current yield, estimated earning based on Asimi ownership, along with transaction history.

. . . . .

  • Conclusion

We believe this is an outstanding progression for all members and our economy at large. It sets Hashing Ad Space apart from all other businesses as the only business that offers this much transparency and personal control for members.
The removal of “staking” and 100% control and flexibility for the owners holding Asimi on their own private wallets without the need to ever deposit or withdrawal, will significantly increase the confidence of Asimi owners and minters.With lower ad view limits, lower barrier to entry, we can see a large increase in minting adoption. More Hashing Ad Space members can participate in minting with a highly simplified system that makes it easier than ever.
With an increase in the ad minter viewing audience, we’ll provide a more diverse and higher volume advertising product while also reminding true to “buyers” only traffic to increase ad sales and true Asimi demand. This move sets the stage for a strong future with Asimi. We hope you enjoy it.

a year ago

Isn’t there a transaction fee for every “deposit” to a Waves wallet? If the minted ASMI is sent to yoru wallet every day doesn’t that also mean there is a fee every time? Wouldn’t it be better to let it accumulate on HAS for awhile before withdraw so you only have to pay one fee?

a year ago

@Jerdill waves fees vary based on which crypto. could be really cheap.

a year ago

what about all the asimi we already got staked? will that all go to our waves wallets when the new system goes live?

a year ago

@Jerdill Fees are very economical with the Waves Blockchain. Sending Asimi to a wallet is currently $2.39 for 1000 transactions. We plan to absorb that daily fee from the overall minting process (liquidate the Asimi needed for few waves tokens) and not charge each individual separately. This is significantly improved for the minters as currently, we have a flat $195 fee to withdraw from Hashing Ad Space to pay wages for the transaction completion.

a year ago

@Mike Mazzone Yes, Asimi currently staked will of course be returned to you in full. :) You can apply it to the new system to continue minting. We will of course look after our current minters as to ensure you will not be disadvantaged during the transition. One of the plans for that is to release your Stakes early so you have time to position the Asimi into your wallet.

a year ago

I think this is a great development for HAS and Asimi. This will allow much more people to benefit from the daily Asimi Minting rewards. This will make people buy more Asimi, but might cause more volatility in the price because people can buy and sell any time. The current 365 days of staking is a very long time and I am glad this is changing.

a year ago

will the stake release just be paid directly to my waves exchange wallet, or will i have to request a withdrawal?

a year ago

@admin 15 days to go for end of the month and year 2020 ;)

a year ago

@Emma Simpson sure is! We are working hard to get the new system ready :)

a year ago

@Rasimpaco22 there are several ways to earn without any investment. You can watch ads in the V2E. You can complete surveys, you can share with your frends and earn commissions and soon, you wil be able to play games on your phone! Hope that helps. Be sure to contact support with any questions :)

a year ago

I would like to try the system out as beta too. I only stake everything all the time. Since staking has paused untill the new system I started staking in the login stake. Now my questions are:

  1. Will the login stake stay and how earnings will be placed: in HAS or in waves? Same for the last questions for the V2E.
  2. Can I also get in the beta and how can I?
a year ago

I have 1000 asimi on the web, what should I do to not lose it when switching to a new platform

a year ago

Bisogna trasferire tutti i nostri asimi sul portafoglio waves? se si quando bisogna farlo?

a year ago

thanks Now my question
is :

Will the login stake stay and how earnings will be placed: in HAS or in waves?
a year ago
Changed the status to
9 months ago